Anne from Clackmannan...

Anne from Clackmannan


I was born in 1943 in Aberdeen, to a food manufacturing family, and have been in office work since I was 5, helping my Mum in the family business office (mostly stringing paperclips together, my Mum used to say!), and my Dad was a Postman in Aberdeen City.


My Granda and Grandma owned an award winning Ice cream company, and my love of ice cream and dogs came from my grandfather.  Granda’s working Springer was my constant companion till I was 8.  Since then I have accumulated my own kennel of working and show gundogs, and I am a Championship dog show judge.  I judged my own breed, Brittanys, at Crufts Championship show in 2007, and have judged all dogs at Open shows.


I took my accountancy exams before marrying my first husband, who I lost in a car accident in 1991, and worked in that sector till I retired in 2003; for the last two years I have been the bookkeeper and accountant for C-MEE (Community Maintenance and Environmental Enterprise), and a Director of Simply Wee County Catering - two charities which work with people who are disadvantaged and with barriers to employment. I am privileged to be able to help these two companies and still enjoy my retirement with my four Brittanys, which I have shown all over the UK. 


I moved to Clackmannan to be nearer my son and daughter 8 years ago, following the death of my second husband on Lochnagar.  I have three lovely grandchildren, who I am fortunate to be able to see regularly.  My part time office duties and my grandchildren and dogs help to keep me a young 72!  


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