Bryan from Clackmannan...

Bryan from Clackmannan


I have lived at Kennetpans for 23 years. Several years ago we purchased a parcel of land from a neighbour in which the ruin of Kennetpans Distillery was included. This was when we began our research into the history of Kennetpans and this led to the set up of Kennetpans Trust (charity no SCO42668).


We now believe the distillery dates from c 1650. Recently historians described it as the world's first industrial distillery "where distilling left the farmyard and became a true industry". Not only is it the ground zero of the whisky industry but also to the industrialisation of Scotland. The Stein's, owners of Kennetpans, legacy still lives on in the Haig brand and in Ireland's No 1 whisky, Jamieson's. Both have their roots firmly at Kennetpans.


This ruin needs to be saved. Work has recently started  through the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and Historic Scotland clearing vegetation and eventually to consolidating the deteriorating walls. 


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