Yvette from Alloa...

Yvette from Alloa


When people here ask what brought me to Scotland I jokingly say the weather, sometimes they're amused, sometimes they're not. When people back home ask me why I moved, I say I needed a change of scenery.


Deciding to leave my home was difficult, but once I made up my mind to move, everything fell into place to make it happen. I've learned that if we want something bigger than ourselves, and if we want to teach our children to think outside the box, we must leave our comfort zone. Sure the road maybe full of lumps and bumps, but life's a journey and sometimes you have to climb mountains to get to the other side, then the ride becomes more exhilarating because you're always wondering what's behind the next mountain, and the next, and so on. 


What I miss most about The Bahamas? CONCH, Friends, and Family! Not necessarily in that order *smiles. Don't really miss the sunshine too much, we have sunny days in Scotland, a bit cooler than home, but sunny. Don't really miss the beach, I grew up on the beach so guess it's now time for me to climb some mountains. lol.  


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