Sandra from Alloa...

Sandra from Alloa


I'm Sandra and I was born in Aberdeen. In my mid twenties I moved to Southampton where I lived for five years. I then moved on to Felixstowe where I worked first as a teacher, then as a librarian and brought up my family. When I retired, ten years ago, I went to live in France and renovated an old house.


Last summer it was "all change" and I returned to Scotland. Now I am settled in Alloa. My interests are many and varied. I am a lapsed artist and am ready to take up the brushes again. I do needlework and am working on patchwork quilts. I love food and travelling and have been fortunate enough to visit many countries, including India and Papua New Guinea, and sample their cooking.


I am looking forward to rediscovering the beauty of Scotland. Now, when I get "itchy feet", I can take to the hills with my canvas and paints.  


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